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Enhancing efficiency and well-being

Discover a practice-based and long-term approach


An ambition to contribute to the sustainability of your organisation


Founded in 2013 and based in Switzerland, Jobosphere Network provides you with competency assessment and development tools based on over 35 years of experience in business strategy consulting.

vision - jobosphere

Our vision is as follows

Strengthen competitiveness through the development of competencies

Our mission is to develop and commercialise approaches and products related to the development of the organisation’s human potential.

With our network of partners, we promote the independence of our clients through a maximum transfer of our skills.

The innovation essential to our activity implies the constant evolution and adaptation of our products to the market demand.

We are committed to promoting a human approach to business management and value the skills of our clients’ employees. We treat all information and personal data transmitted to us with respect, in accordance with our ethical charter.

We invite you to contact us for further information.





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